Second CMT tournament behind us

5 June 2017

More than 30 contestants took part in the 2nd Table Tennis Tournament for the real estate and construction market organised by CMT and ‘Eurobuild CEE’. The weather and the atmosphere was good – and there was certainly no shortage of excitement.

The event took place on June 3rdin the sports hall of the Primus Foundation on ul. Zoltana Balo in Warsaw’s Ursynów district. Experienced players as well as beginners faced each across sixteen tables in a competitive but friendly spirit. The tournament attracted entire families, thanks to which the junior as well as the senior categories were strongly represented. “This is a great initiative and a pleasant way to spend the morning, so I am taking part in the tournament together with my children,” commented Paulina Kostecka of Think Project Polska. “You don’t need to spend a lot of money or to be the most skilful player – a sports outfit, a paddle and a good mood are all that’s required,” she added.

The first few players arrived before 9 am to give themselves plenty of time to have a decent warm-up before the tournament began. The sets were played up to 11 points with the winner being the first to take three sets. Each competitor played at least four matches, so everyone could feel the excitement of the tournament as it built up. “We organise the tournament so that people working in real estate and construction can have a good time and to get to know and integrate with each other,” explained Ferdinand Baggeroer, a member of the board of CMT. “I’m glad the event attracts entire families and everyone could have fun regardless of their age,” he emphasised.

The extraordinary final of the tournament, which sent those watching almost into a frenzy of excitement, was certainly evidence for this view. The final match was played out between 13-year-old Filip Kostecki and the much more experienced Jarosław Hasiuk, who ultimately triumphed in what was an evenly balanced game. Third place in the adult category went to Artur Kietliński. “I won with a slight advantage, as sometimes happens in final games,” admitted Jarosław Hasiuk. “But I won because I was never complacent about the young age of my opponent. I’m sure that Filip has a great career ahead of him in table tennis and look forward to seeing how he progresses. I’m also planning to enter this wonderful event again in a year’s time.

“Today’s tournament was mostly about having fun, but still, many of the contestants were of a standard not much below professional,” insisted Marek Kozłowski, the referee of the competition. “The absolutely most important thing was that all those participating joined in with the spirit of the event and thanked each other with smiles after each match.

The sight of the barbecued food laid on by the organisers after the tournament had finished was welcomed with even bigger smiles. And the food being served also gave everyone a chance to share their impressions of the tournament, outside in the pleasant sunshine. “I only regret one thing: that I found out about the event so late, so I didn’t manage to encourage my friends to enter this fantastic tournament,” remarked Monika Woźniak-Zawioła of MWZ Group. “I came to the tournament with my son and we both had a great time. Next year we will certainly be bringing more people along and I will have practised a lot more by then,” she added.
We would like to thank the main organiser of the tournament, CMT, as well as the sponsors: the Berendowicz & Kublin hairdressing salon, tennis website, the MSTS Stefański tennis school and the Miłomłyn Zdrój hotel.

The 4th Table Tennis Tournament
Siennicka Sports Hall OSiR Praga-Południe, ul. Siennicka 40