Anyone for a fourth round of table tennis?

10 July 2019

The 4th Table Tennis Tournament organised by cmT and Eurobuild Conferences is to take place at the OSIR Praga-Południe sports hall at ul. Siennicka 40 in Warsaw on September 28th. It will be both a sports and recreation event, bringing together people involved in the real estate and construction sectors and their families – from the youngest to the oldest members of our community. The meeting is aimed at integration, recreation, family fun as well as deepening business relationships and making new friends in an enjoyable sporting atmosphere. Last year we discovered that there are quite a few enthusiasts of this sport in our sector. We were also happy that the tournament attracted many families with children. So this year we would like to emphasise the family character of the event and encourage you to bring your kids to the tournament. We guarantee that they will be looked after and entertained, whether you are battling it out across the table or just sitting back to enjoy the contest.
Registration starts at 9am. The first few individual games will begin at 10am. A climbing wall will also be provided for those attending and for the players between games. So make sure you get some ping-pong practice before the big day!

Goal of the event:
• Business community integration through sporting activity
• Promoting healthy exercise
• Helping to improve relationships within families
• Building relations with cmT

Format of the tournament:
• Children – up to 15 years of age (born in 2004 or younger)
• Women – 15 years and above
• Men – 15 years and above
The tournament will be played according to a system devised according to the number of players entered. Applications will be accepted no later than one day before the competition, i.e. until 5 pm on September 27th. Participation in the tournament is free of charge. Players must bring their own racquets and sports kit. The tournament will be supervised by a professional referee.

The 4th Table Tennis Tournament
Siennicka Sports Hall OSiR Praga-Południe, ul. Siennicka 40