Great family event in Warsaw’s Praga district

5 October 2018

It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. More than 60 competitors took part in the Saturday Table Tennis Tournament for the real estate and construction market, which was organised by CMT and Eurobuild Conference in a sports hall in Praga-Południe.

    • Enthusiasts of this sport of both genders, from the age of a few years to more than sixty entered the lists. They fought in three categories: juniors (up to 15 years of age), seniors and doubles. The integration, social and sports meeting, which took place in the sports and recreation centre in Praga-Południe at ul. Siennicka 40 this time, gathered whole families. Apart from sixteen tables, the participants could also use a climbing wall with professional service as well as a bar with snacks and drinks.


    • “I am very happy to see faces that I know from previous editions of the competition. I am also happy that a lot of new players are taking part in the tournament, including parents with children. Once again we will have a nice time, get to know each other better and integrate the environment,” announced Ferdinand Baggeroer, CMT board member when opening the event.


    • The Saturday morning passed in a friendly, sporting atmosphere, which was reflected in the ad hoc creation of a few doubles that entered the competition at the last moment. The elimination round provided extraordinary excitement that got even greater with the next stages of the competition. Before the final matches, just to relax, the players and spectators curiously watched the show match involving the players of the first-league table tennis clubs Marcin Sankowski and Paweł Chmiel, who proved that the ball could be accurately hit also… with a frying pan or a smartphone. After a moment of relaxation, it was the time for the finale, which electrified all the spectators. In the adult category, Marcin Dudziec finally defeated Adam Kostecki after a fierce match, and Grzegorz Jatkiewicz came third. In the junior category, Gabriel Balla stood at the top of the podium, Kacper Dutkiewicz came second and Maja Kozłowska was third. Some names of individual finalists also appeared in the final of the doubles: the best pair was Marcin Dudziec/Artur Kietliński defeating the Marcin Gałązka/Rafał Pierzchałka duo in the finals while Beata Nosarzewska/Grzegorz Jatkiewicz came third. The winners received occasional statuettes and gifts.


    • We are glad that the number of participants has almost doubled compared to the previous edition of the tournament. The interest in the games among the fans was also impressive. It disproves the theory which says that table tennis is passé as a sport. Interestingly, a lot of participants have already arranged to meet during the next tournament in a year’s time. See you then!


    • We encourage you to follow the event page to see more news. The site already has a photo gallery and you can search for a photo of yourself there. More photos can be found at the link: Zdjęcia . A video from the event will also be posted on the website shortly.
      We would like to thank all participants for coming and their sports rivarly and we hope to see you next year. We will try to provide you with even more excitement.


The 4th Table Tennis Tournament
Siennicka Sports Hall OSiR Praga-Południe, ul. Siennicka 40