Climb safely

27 September 2018

As we have already reported, you will be able to take advantage of an additional attraction i.e. a climbing wall during the third edition of the Table Tennis Tournament. Of course, we strongly encourage you to climb. The climbing wall will be available to participants for 3 hours, from 12:00 to 15:00. As an organizer, we want to ensure everyone’s safety during this form of activity, therefore we provide general rules for using the climbing wall below.

The wall will be serviced by two qualified people, which means that up to two people can climb on the wall at the same time. When climbing with a rope, the participants will be protected by an instructor. The time needed to put on the harness and remove it should be added to the climbing time. One instructor can protect one person at a time.

The wall has quite difficult routes and there are 2-3 routes for beginners. Participants can climb without a rope above mattresses – it is a form of climbing called bouldering. We also encourage you to take this form of climbing while waiting for the possibility of climbing with belay staff which is clearly more interesting at the beginning.

For climbing, you should only use sports shoes – other than e.g. sandals, etc. Remove any jewellery from your fingers.
In the case of children – they can climb from about 5 years of age but this is limited only by the size of the child and whether or not a harness can be put on the child.

We also encourage children to climb. We do not require consent from parents for children to climb. However, we are obliged to inform the participants that “climbing is dangerous and poses a risk of losing health and even life but toprope climbing, i.e. the system involving belay staff is the safest form of climbing” to quote the climbing instructor.

We are convinced that it will be an unforgettable experience for all those who choose to use the attractions in the form of climbing. It might even be the beginning of a long adventure with this sport for some of them.
We cordially invite you to check out the climbing wall!

The 4th Table Tennis Tournament
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