Faster than the eye can see

24 September 2019

Those of you who came to the 3rd Table Tennis Tournament organised by Eurobuild Conferences and cmT last year won’t need telling how much a show match between professionals is worth seeing. Last year it was Marcin Sankowski and Paweł Chmiel who gave us a dazzling display of their skills. The game was played so fast that it was even difficult to keep track of the movement of the ball. And they didn’t only use standard racquets to hit it, but also mobile phones and frying pans in some parts of the game – and they even played lying down a distance from the table as well as on it. This year the show match will be played out at 2pm by Patryk Chojnowski and Bartosz Such – and it should certainly be as unforgettable last year’s. However, in order to experience it you will need to sign up for the tournament…

If you have not yet completed the application form, please do so via our website:

The tournament takes place on September 28th, 2019 (this Saturday) at the OSiR Siennicka 40 sports hall. Applications can only be accepted until 5pm on September 27th, 2019.

So good luck to all the players and see you on Saturday!

The 4th Table Tennis Tournament
Siennicka Sports Hall OSiR Praga-Południe, ul. Siennicka 40