Winners of the 3rd Real Estate Table Tennis Tournament

5 October 2018

An exceptional family sporting event took place six days ago. It was the 3rd Real Estate Table Tennis Tournament. Below is a list of tournament winners in each category.

Children category:
1. Gabriel Balla
2. Kacper Dutkiewicz
3. Maja Kozłowska

Adult category:
1. Marcin Dudziec
2. Adam Kostecki
3. Artur Kietliński

Doubles category:
1. Marcin Dudziec / Artur Kietliński
2. Marcin Gałązka / Rafał Pierzchałka
3. Beata Nosarzewska / Grzegorz Jatkiewicz

We encourage you to follow the event page because it will feature the news and footage of course. We already encourage you to search for photos of yourselves in the photo gallery.

The 4th Table Tennis Tournament
Siennicka Sports Hall OSiR Praga-Południe, ul. Siennicka 40